My end-of-summer SMART goal!

In my most recent post, I advocated the power of setting SMART goals. As I mentioned, I’ve been using these goals over the past eighteen months to help me along my journey toward wellness and overall health. I do realize that the framework can be pretty vague, so I thought I’d share my end-of-summer SMART goal with you all today.

I have a black tie wedding Labor Day weekend, five weeks from now. This is a great motivator, and it also is a good timeline for a SMART goal!

GOAL: Complete Alpha phase of Focus T25 prior to the wedding.

Let’s apply the SMART framework together!

Is this goal…

  1. Specific? Check! The thought process behind this goal is that I hope to feel more confident in my black tie evening gown when the wedding rolls around, and I want to blow my friends away – I haven’t seen many of them in several months and I want that “Whoa, what have you been doing?!” reaction. But that’s not something that’s easily quantifiable, so instead, I selected a definite workout program to follow over the next five weeks.
  2. Measurable? Definitely! One of the great features of the Focus T25 program is that it builds measurements right into the calendar. Saturday becomes “STATurday,” the day to take your measurements and track your progress. I’ll also be taking before and after photos, which I’ll share once this all wraps up.
  3. Achievable? I sure hope so! I picked T25 for this project because it’s manageable. The program only requires 25 minutes a day, which I can easily do before getting ready for work in the morning. I consulted with two trainers at my gym who I trust, and they both agreed that I should be able to do most of the exercises in the workout without any problem — and there’s also plenty of modification options should I need them.
  4. Relevant? Definitely! I have been looking to add something new into my fitness routine for a while now, and this gives me excellent motivation to stick with the program. I love the fitness studio I go to, but I would like to begin my day consistently with a workout, so if I don’t make it to a studio class after work I won’t have that lingering sense of guilt for missing my daily exercise.
  5. Time defined? Yup! I have five weeks to complete the program. T25 Alpha is exactly five weeks long – check out the calendar here! – so it fits perfectly into my timeline. I’m going on vacation in mid-August, so that will pose a challenge – but fortunately DVDs are portable and a 25 minute workout won’t prevent me from enjoying the rest of my vacation activities.

When I first sat down to decide on my goal for the next 5 weeks, I kept thinking in terms of “feel more confident in my dress” or “love how I look in pictures.” These are both great goals, but they are hard to measure AND nearly impossible to guarantee my final achievement. I have read some great reviews of the T25 program, and I’ve heard firsthand from trainers and fellow studio members that the workouts are accessible and easy to fit into an already busy schedule, so I decided to use the program as the basis for the goal. Hopefully, if all goes well, I’ll emerge at the end of this looking more toned and feeling stronger and more confident, but no matter what, if I pursue my goal, I’ll be able to say I completed the program – and that’s something that will make me feel proud and strong!

Are you interested in tackling this goal with me? Click below to get a copy of Focus T25 for yourself! I’ll be posting weekly updates with reviews of the individual workouts and sharing any challenges and successes I experience along the way, and I definitely want to hear from you if you’re going to try this with me!



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