Strategies for success

I don’t know about you, but I go into new goals with only the best intentions. I’m going to work out every day! I’m going to eat clean! I’m going to rise above temptations and become the best version of myself! I am unstoppable and I will reach my goals before I know it!

 That’s how I picture myself whenever I tackle a new project. Perfect abs, killing it in a scenic field. Obviously. 

Anyway. All that is well and good, and my enthusiasm is usually enough to get me through the first day… but then I hit reality. This latest project has followed true to form.

As you might recall, I began my Focus T25 challenge yesterday. Monday mornings aren’t really my thing, usually, but I was ready to crush this. I laid out my clothes the night before, tweeted about my eagerness to get things going, and I hopped out of bed as soon as my 6:30am alarm went off. That first workout felt amazing! I knew, I just knew, that this challenge would be different. Every day would be this easy, right?

Wrong. Today, despite my best efforts, looked a lot more like this:

I hit snooze on my phone alarm 8, 9, 10 times. Before I knew it, it was 8am. I had two options. I could skip my workout, and the challenge would be over before it really began… or I could go into work a little late and push myself to get my T25 session in.

I went with the latter, and it felt great. Today’s T25 session was Speed 1.0, and I loved it. I didn’t have to follow the moderator as much as I did on day one, and I had a great calorie burn when all was said and done. I think I needed today to see that getting past the wall has its rewards. I’m proud of myself for ignoring the little voice inside my head telling me it would be okay to skip a workout, and I’m grateful that the T25 program is set up to make the workouts easy to fit into your schedule while still feeling totally satisfied.

Realistically, though, I know myself, and more often than not, I’m going to be battling the urge to be the woman in that second photo. So what are some ways I can help to keep myself on the road to becoming the goal image? How can we set ourselves up to become the girl kicking ass in the scenic field (aside from hiring a photography team and some photoshop experts, of course!)?

  • Lay out everything you need the night before. This includes making sure you’ve got all your workout clothes ready to go, including the appropriate footwear. Make sure your heart rate monitor is handy (and not sitting in your gym bag in your car, like mine was this morning!). Have your DVD player all set to go so you can just hit play – this is especially important for a program like T25, where you have to consult a workout calendar to find the right routine for any given day!
  • Set a realistic alarm. I am so, so bad at this. If I were just waking up and heading to work, I wouldn’t get out of bed until 8:30am (blessed with flexible working hours and a speedy commute!). In planning for these workouts, I’ve been setting the alarm for 6:30am instead. This is crazy! I do not need two full hours to fit in a 25 minute workout. Instead, I’ll be aiming for 7:25-7:35 from here on out.
  • Ignore the snooze button – or disable it entirely! If you have the willpower, turn off your alarm and immediately jump out of bed. Have a glass of water, brush your teeth, do whatever you have to do to send your body the signal that it is no longer time for sleeping! I lack this willpower, so instead I did a little digging, and it turns out it’s really easy to eliminate the snooze button in IOS7. If I don’t have the option to hit snooze, I’ll have no choice but to get up and get moving.
  • Got an iPhone? Give yourself a little extra nudge! I love that my iPhone gives me the option of labeling my alarms. I take full advantage of this, naming my alarms to give myself that extra little oomph to get up and get going. The label will appear on the screen so when I pick up my phone to turn the alarm off, this is what I’ll see:
    Nothing like some encouraging emojis to get me moving!

    Nothing like some encouraging emojis to get me moving!

How do you keep yourself on track? What strategies do you use for morning workout success? Share them in the comments – I’d love to hear from you!

Kudos to my SP amiga Jen E. for suggesting some of the above strategies! Thanks for supporting the blog and for encouraging me to consider ways I can help to set myself up for success. You’re amazing and an inspiration!



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