STATurday: T25 Alpha Week 1

WHEW. I did it, y’all! I survived Week 1 of Focus T25 Alpha. As you may remember, two big components of any SMART goal are that they are measurable and time-defined. One reason I chose this particular fitness program was because it built these factors right into the workout calendar. Every Saturday, instead of popping a DVD into the machine, I pick up my trusty measuring tape and pull together the data. STATurday – the day I (hopefully) get to see my progress reflected in the numbers!

Before we get to the numbers, I wanted to share a quick recap of how yesterday went.

You guys. I can’t accurately convey my reaction when I checked the workout calendar for Friday’s routine…

Friday double day.jpg

Luckily, selfies exist and I had the foresight to grab my camera and document the experience:

Double reaction.jpg

The program is called Focus T25, Shaun T! It’s not Focus T50! YOU LIED TO ME, SHAUN T. I FEEL BETRAYED. Just when I was starting to like you, you go and spring this on me.

… It’s possible that I sometimes tend to be a little bit dramatic. Anyway. Moving right along.

Once I got past the initial shock and betrayal, I realized that this made sense. Upping the ante on Friday’s workout would give me the extra little oomph I needed to head into the weekend on the right foot. So, I laced up my sneakers, I pressed play, and I threw everything I had into those 50 minutes. I actually felt pretty good throughout the first round, Lower Focus. It was my first time trying this workout, and it is a killer. Lots of squats and lunges – but definitely within what my body is capable of doing. Tacking Cardio 1.0 on after that was brutal, though. I found myself following Tania, the modifier, for most of the workout, because my legs were totally burned out after the first round. Despite how wiped out I felt by the end of it, though, I survived. And when all was said and done, I felt pretty great about my burn for the day!

calories after double.jpg

(And then I went and took a Piloxing class at Studio Poise, because I’m a masochist. Obviously.)

Annnnnd… drumroll please… now on to the exciting part – STATURDAY!

Focus T25 Alpha Week 1 Results


So, a quick disclaimer — I took my measurements on 7/12 as part of a Facebook challenge group I’m participating in, and I didn’t re-measure last week prior to starting Focus T25, so these measurements are a combination of this week’s efforts with Shaun T added to three weeks of Shakeology. Please ALSO bear in mind that I am very much still in the midst of my journey toward fitness and I have a lot of toning and trimming left to do. Every individual is on his or her own journey toward wellness and no two sets of stats will look the same. Tracking these numbers is as much for my own reference as it is to inspire others who are thinking about setting off on their own path to a healthier lifestyle.



4 thoughts on “STATurday: T25 Alpha Week 1

  1. Yowza, those stats are amazing! Love the sass in this post. I read this blog and imagine that I will have time to exercise again someday. I barely have time to brush my teeth right now.

    In the meantime, I do squats while holding the world’s most adorable 12.5 oz weight…


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