Friday Roundup

I stumble across a lot of great finds over the course of the week. I often share these as quick tweets (follow me on Twitter so you don’t miss out!) but I also decided to make a regular weekly round up feature here on the blog. This round up will be a mish mash of content – from recipes that I want to try, to cool products I’ve discovered, to fashion and entertainment suggestions.

With0ut further ado, let’s get to this week’s round up!

Yumbox Lunch Boxes


FitSugar recommended the four compartment Panino Yumbox in their September Must-Have review feature, but I am an even bigger fan of the six compartment version for $28. This version provides five 0.5 cup portions, plus a 1 oz section for dips or treats. I tend to graze through the day on snacks – things like berries, jerky, nuts, etc – and this would be a great way to  control portion size. Best of all, the interior compartment is dishwasher safe and you can buy extra compartments to use with the outside container!

Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes

I love my slow cooker! I have a full Pinterest board dedicated to slow cooker recipes. Not only are slow cookers super convenient, they also make it easier to keep your dinners healthy – no frying here! This week, the My Fitness Pal blog shared 14 slow cooker dinner ideas that all sound delicious and healthy. The list has something for everyone; they hit on a variety of protein sources, including vegetarian options! Best of all? Every dish comes in at 400 calories or less, perfect for a healthy dinner. I can’t wait to come home to some of these after a long day at work; having a slow cooker is almost like having a personal chef, with dinner waiting for me at night!

The Atlantic: My Week on the All-Emoji Diet

Over at The Atlantic, Kelsey Rexroat published an article that had me chuckling at my desk – she ate only the food items that appear in emoji form for seven full days. I’ve definitely never thought that deeply about whether I can represent my diet with tiny cartoon images, but her article is a great diversion and I definitely recommend giving it a read.

Fall Sweater Season Approaches!

jcrew sweater

It is currently 90 degrees and humid in Boston, so it’s hard to imagine that fall sweaters will ever be necessary, but the shops are full of cozy knits and I am loving it. It’s actually been a challenge for me to figure out appropriate sweater strategy as I’ve lost weight. I used to default to oversized sweaters to hide behind, and now that I’m in a place where I’m happy with how my body looks, I have to figure out how to still wear the chunky sweaters I love without adding imaginary pounds to my frame. I was super excited to try on this sweater from J. Crew. It’s cozy and will be perfect for my always-freezing office, but the cut is very flattering. It’s cut shorter in front but drapes nicely in back – I will be able to wear it with tailored dress pants to work and toss it on over leggings for trips to the studio on the weekend. It fits true to size, and don’t be tempted to size up – the XL was way too big on me, but the large looks just right. Best of all, it’s currently on sale for 25% off with the promotional code SHOPTIME – hop to it!

And finally…drumroll please…

I registered for my first 10K! 

I’ll be running in the Firefighters’ Memorial 10K on October 19, 2014. I honestly wasn’t planning on getting around to my goal of running a 10K this fall. There’s a million other things going on in my life, and I wasn’t sure I had the time to commit to training for this. As it is, I’m not positive that this is a great idea… but I have some very persuasive friends. I’ll be helping to raise money for Dorchester’s College Bound Middle School. Funds raised will go toward school supplies for students to help them achieve their goals – it’s a great cause and one I’m proud to support, even if there’s an excellent chance I’ll be crawling across the finish line next month. Stay tuned for more information on how to donate!



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