Friday Favorites: 11/21

I am officially starting to have holiday season panic. I can’t believe Thanksgiving is a week away – and I’m also starting to freak out that I haven’t done any preparation for Christmas! I’ve been seeing some great gift guide features out there on ye olde interwebs and it’s definitely got me thinking about my own gift-giving plans. I’ve heard some awesome ideas from friends and I have a few tricks up my sleeve, so I will hopefully have some holiday-themed Friday Favorites coming up in the near future. No such theme today, though – just my usual rambling about things that I’m loving this week.

I’m joining with Heather @ Housewife Glamour, Katie @ Running4Cupcakes, and Clare @ Fitting It All In for today’s link up. Make sure to check out these awesome hosts and show some love to the other bloggers joining in this link up!

Favorite Ingredient: Trader Joe’s Goat Cheese Medallions

I looooove goat cheese. Love it. It’s one of my favorite cheeses to use in omelets, and spreading it on raw bell pepper slices is a terrific afternoon snack. The problem is that when presented with a whole log of fresh chevre, I have a serious problem with only consuming an appropriate portion size. Food addiction is a real problem, folks. Enter Trader Joe’s Goat Cheese Medallions. I don’t know where these have been all my life, but I stumbled on them when shopping last week and they changed my life. Each medallion is a perfect one ounce serving, which at 70 calories, 6g fat and 5g protein is a reasonable serving to use in an omelet, crumbled on a salad, or spread on your favorite veggies. I also appreciate that they’re vacuum sealed, which ensures a longer shelf life — not that these will have much of a chance to linger in my fridge given how much I love them!

Favorite Winter Essential: Packable Down Coat

Thanks, google images, for rustling this up for me. This is what I have to offer all of you because attempting to take a full body selfie in my cubicle wearing my jacket just wasn’t working out for me today.

This fall, I stumbled across a long, hooded Michael Kors packable down coat at Marshall’s for only $99. The coat could be compressed into a small pouch for packing, which was my primary motivation for buying it, but it has recently become a staple in my winter coat wardrobe. I can’t believe how lightweight this coat is! It doesn’t add any bulk, but it does an amazing job of blocking the wind – and with the polar vortex descending once again, I will take whatever I can get to battle the winter. There are similar versions on sale right now at Lord and Taylor — this longer version is similar to the one I have, but I also think this shorter version is stylish and versatile. Highly recommend!

Favorite Gif: Clay Matthews!

There’s a lot to love in the new Pitch Perfect 2 trailer that launched yesterday, but my brain totally stalled out when I saw this clip. Now, let’s get one thing straight. I’m a Patriots fan through and through and always will be… but I have a soft spot in my heart for Clay Matthews. Back in 2010, Clay Matthews partnered with Cadillac and to run a PSA during that year’s football season about the importance of funding research to find a cure for the disease. My brother Michael passed away from Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy in 2002, so this is a cause that’s near and dear to my heart… and it doesn’t hurt that Clay’s pretty easy on the eyes. I’m pumped to see the movie for many reasons, but I seriously cannot wait for this scene.

Favorite Playlist: Acoustic Lounge

My love for Spotify is well documented. Their Throwback Thursday playlist has given me a reason to look forward to Thursdays, and I maintain that the $10 I spend on my premium membership is the best $10 I spend every month. I recently stumbled across their Acoustic Lounge playlist, and it’s become my go-to workplace playlist. It’s a mix of acoustic versions of songs by their original artists and acoustic covers of songs. One cover – Diana Krall’s version of Billy Joel’s “Just the Way You Are” – actually inspired a post that I hope to share within the next week or two, so be on the lookout for that.

What are you loving this week? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to check out the linkup! 

Disclaimer: I don’t receive compensation for mentioning any of the above — though if someone would like to deliver Clay Matthews to my doorstep, I certainly wouldn’t complain!


8 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: 11/21

  1. OMG I love this post. I am starting to freak about the holidays and how on earth is Thanksgiving next Thursday? Ahhhh. And I think you just changed my life with those single serving goat cheese packets – amazing. And you know what else is amazing – that Clay Matthews GIF, I love him! 🙂 Happy Friday – thanks for linking up!!


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