24-Day Challenge Prep

Time to face facts: This summer has been an absolute disaster when it comes to my fitness levels. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been an awesome summer, but the very things that have made it such a blast are also the cause of my fitness failures. Vacations, BBQs and nights out with friends have done a number on me, and it’s time to get back on track.

On a friend’s recommendation, I’ve been using Advocare Spark and Joint ProMotion for a few months now. The joint health supplement has really made a big difference in how my knees have been feeling during half marathon training, and Spark is just plain awesome. I feel about nine thousand times better after hot yoga or an intense spin class if I remember to sip a serving of Spark beforehand. So, based on my success with these products, I decided to give their 24-Day Challenge a try.24DayChallenge-Logo

I didn’t just blindly stumble into this. My friend Katrina adores Advocare and convinced me to do this challenge with her. She plans to use the challenge structure to help her get ready for her wedding next year, but swears that it’s also the perfect solution to help me get back on track with my goals. Since I like what I’ve tried so far, I’m going to give it a shot. I like that I can pick and choose what to order for this challenge; since I already have Spark on hand, I omitted that, and I also didn’t bother with the Meal Replacement Shakes, because I have my own protein shake mix that I prefer if and when I decide to swap a smoothie in for a meal. We’re also dragging a few of our other friends along with us for this process, because complaining about meal prepping is easier when your best friends are along for the ride (and yes, this means that you’ll be seeing the #bestfriendscleanse hashtag popping up all over our social media accounts).

We’re planning to get the challenge started on Monday, September 14, so I’m in full prep mode.  (This also means that if you’re interested in joining us, you can – click here for more information on the challenge!) I wanted to share some of the prep tools I’ve purchased recently that will make it easier to succeed in the challenge.

small lidded containers

Small lidded plastic containers: Yes, these are usually used for jello shots. Yes, I purchased a 500-pack earlier this summer. Yes, this is a big contributing factor in needing to do the 24-day Challenge. HOWEVER, these little guys are also a great tool to help prep supplements throughout the day! The Challenge includes detailed instructions for when to take the various supplements – morning, afternoon, evening, bedtime, etc. These little cups are a great way to prep your supplements for the whole week, and they’re the perfect size to toss in your gym bag or purse.

Plastic deli containers: Amazon Prime, you are a god send. I ordered these in the 8oz and 16oz sizes. At $15 for 36 to 40 containers, it was a great deal. These containers make meal prepping so much easier! The containers are dishwasher and microwave safe, although I personally prefer to transfer my food out of the plastic before microwaving it.

3 partitionPartitioned meal containers: The round containers I mentioned are awesome for snacks, but for lunch or dinner, it’s nice to be able to portion everything in a single container. These reusable containers are awesome. The largest partition is a good size for veggies, and the two smaller partitions can hold grains and protein.

Passion Planner: I swear by my Passion Planner for staying on track. I use it for my job, for planning workouts, and for setting weekly goals. You can buy a manufactured planner, but the creator of this amazing tool has also made the PDF template available FOR FREE. I love me some free stuff, y’all! For the duration of the challenge I’m going to be adding meal prepping to the roster of duties that my Passion Planner helps me with, and if all goes well, hopefully this will be a habit that sticks with me after the challenge ends.

I am really excited to get started with this challenge, and can’t wait to report back on how it’s going!

Full disclosure: I signed up as an Advocare Distributor in order to get the 20% product discount. The Advocare product links included in this post are affiliate links. If you’re interested in becoming a Distributor, contact me and I’ll be happy to answer any questions – the discount is pretty sweet, and if you think you’ll be ordering products regularly, it’s definitely worth it!


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