Challenge Recap Day 1

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Well, I survived day one of the Advocare 24 day challenge! As I mentioned yesterday, I’ll be posting daily recaps to help keep myself accountable, and so that I can go back and reflect on the process once it all wraps up.

IMG_4712Highlight: I woke up! On time! And accomplished things! I am not a morning person. At all. I abuse my snooze button and skip breakfast regularly in order to get to work on time. To set myself up for success with this challenge, I set an alarm to take my morning supplements; the AM portion of the cleanse needs to be taken 30 minutes before breakfast. After taking the supplements and drinking a glass of water, I let myself go back to bed, but I found that I actually didn’t need to sleep anymore. Instead, I caught up on the news (shoutout to The Skimm!) and read for a bit before my second alarm went off half an hour later. At that point, I got up, made a healthy breakfast, and still had time to shower and get ready for work. If I can keep this habit up for the duration of the challenge, I’m hoping I can establish a routine that sticks for the future!

Lowlight: CONDIMENT BETRAYAL. Confession time – I put sriracha on EVERYTHING. I keep a bottle at my desk at all times. Hard boiled eggs topped with sriracha are my go-to protein-packed afternoon snack. And harkening back to my Jenny Craig days, I’ve always gone by the “hot sauce is a freebie” policy for spicy condiments. To be on the safe side, I checked my bottle before blindly squirting it on my afternoon eggs…. and discovered that sugar is the second ingredient, thereby crossing it off the list of acceptable foods for the duration of this cleanse. Commence hysterical caps-lock panic session to multiple friends via text message. There’s one gram of sugar per teaspoon of sriracha. Considering that 4 grams of sugar equals 1 teaspoon, that means a serving of sriracha is 25% sugar. I HAVE BEEN BETRAYED BY THE ROOSTER.  Devastating.121017_failing-to-plan-300x300

Food-wise, aside from the sriracha debacle, I feel like I did well yesterday food-wise. My meal planning and ingredient prep efforts definitely paid off. Having plenty of healthy snack options prepped and ready to go made it easy to reach for a smart choice when I needed a snack. I have a bowl of clementines at my desk at work, and unsalted nuts pre-portioned into 1 ounce grab-and-go bags.

My biggest challenge yesterday? My workout selection. I signed up for a double at Studio Poise – 40 minutes of Arms & Abs, followed by a full hour of Barrework. Halfway through arms & abs, I remembered that barre also included a hefty arms section… and I knew I had signed myself up for some serious struggling. I haven’t taken barrework with Danielle since April and my body hated every single second of that class. My knees were angry every time I tried to squat. My arms screamed at me when I picked up the resistance band. I could not block out the physical cues and so my mental state was a disaster for the entire class. I feel okay today, surprisingly – I fully expected to wake up unable to walk – but the experience was a wake up call. I need to put in some serious work to get my strength back to where it was a year ago. Yesterday’s classes were all the motivation I need to stick with this challenge and to get myself back to healthier habits.


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