Beat the Monday Blues

Mondays are THE WORST. Most of the time, I need every little boost that I can get to help me start my week on the right foot.

Today was one of those days when everything should have been working in my favor. I was excited to kick off my Focused & Fit for Fall T25 challenge, and I am looking forward to seeing some great friends this weekend for a wedding. I’m feeling good about my own T25 efforts and I’m looking forward to a great yoga class at Studio Poise tonight. All good things, right?

But on the flip side, I didn’t have time to go grocery shopping this weekend, so I had to scramble to pull together a healthy “clean eats” lunch to bring with me to work. I got in my car and noticed that the maintenance light was on, and I definitely don’t have time to deal with that this week. I got to the office and the first email I read made my stress levels spike and I’m still fuming over it.

I’m working on focusing on the positives and trying to ignore the annoyances, but Monday really isn’t making it easy!

This brings me to my latest #MusicMonday. I pay $10/month for Spotify premium access, so that I can use the service on my phone, in the car, at work… you name it, I’m using it. It’s the best $10 I spend every month. Lately I’ve been trying to branch out more to find new music, and I’ve  fallen in love with some of Spotify’s curated playlists. Today, I noticed this “Mood Booster” playlist and decided to give it a try. I listened to this playlist on my commute to the office, and it’s still playing through my headphones now. And you know what? I think it’s working! The playlist is delivering on it’s name, and sure enough, my mood does feel lifted.

Do you have any tips or tricks for overcoming a gloomy Monday? Do you have any songs that you find especially uplifting? Share your favorites in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Beat the Monday Blues

  1. I like to start Monday off with a good sweaty workout (to get all my stresses about the upcoming week out) and a tasty and healthy breakfast. Upbeat music or a motivational podcast works well too.


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